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Cell Organelle

Asia Mohamed

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1.basic units of life
6.this organelle it has a double membrane it surrounds the nucleus
8.this helps the cell to maintain it's shape contains microtubules and microfilaments
10.this is not found in plant cell they also help in cell division
11.this doesn't have a nucleus
12.this cell contains genetic information passed from one generation of the cell to the nexy
13.filled with enzymes also digestive 'plant' for proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates
16.this cell this cell this cell consists of DNA bound to protein
18.this means little organs
20.controls what enters and leaves the cell
2.this contains all the organelles
3.Stores, separates, and serves as cell's transport system
4.Protein 'packaging plant' also A membrane structure found near nucleus
5.strong supporting layer around the the membrane
7.this is located outside the nucleus
8.Contain green chlorophyll where photosynthesis takes place
9.stores materials such as water,salts,proteins. and carbohydrtaes
14.this organelle has a small dense region contain in the nuclues
15.this converts chemical energy stored in the food into elements that are easy for the cell to use
17.proteins are assembled on this cell
19.control center of a cell as such it is the most important part of the cell

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