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Flame Cutting Principles

Michael Thomas

This puzzle will provide a review of some terms important in understanding the oxy-fuel welding and cutting processes.

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1.This tool mixes fuel and oxygen as necessary for welding and cutting.
3.Oxygen valves are ________ seated and should be opened all the way.
5.This fuel gas is a hydrocarbon present in petroleum and natural gas.
6._____ cutting burns through several thicknesses of material at once.
8.Always light the torch with a ________ lighter.
10.These are used to protect the eyes when using oxy-fuel processes.
14.The appropriate lens shade number for OFC welding or cutting.
15.The three letter designation for oxy-fuel gas cutting.
17.Container designed to store welding or cutting gasses.
19.The most widely used of all fuel gasses.
2.The gaseous chemical in the air necessary for life.
3.The _____ lines indicate the efficiency and quality of an oxy-fuel cut.
4.Cutting a straight line is easier with a magnetic ________ square.
7.Acetylene is made from calcium _________.
9.OFC is a ______ process, like rusting.
11.These are recommended to protect the welders hands.
12.Always think ______ first.
13.What reduces cylinder pressure and maintains line pressure?
16.In the OFC process mild steel should be preheated to a ______ red before flowing the oxygen.
18.OLC designates oxygen ______ cutting.

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