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Reproductive System Crossword

Aleah Davis & Cristian Enriquez

1 2   3            
  4 5 6  
    7                 8 9     10  
15           16                   17
    21                           22    
  24     25                
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  29           30         31  
32   33         34   35          
37       38          

2.period when the zygote develops into a baby
7.scrotum holds the testes and the __________
9.what the embyo is called after two months
11.hormones cause the uterus to _______
12.Helps the sperm move to the seminal vesicle (2 Words)
13.forms within third week of pregnancy (2 Words)
15.lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina
16.holds the testes and the epididymis
20.connects the placenta to the embryo (2 Words)
21.cycle in which an egg is released from one of the two ovaries monthly (2 Words)
23.Produces the sperm
24.menstrual flow that consists of blood and tissue cells from the thickened line of the uterus
26.internal female organ that is the same size and shape of an almond
28.the eyes, nose, and mouth develop at ____ weeks
29.series of muscular contractions of the uterus
30.amniotic fluid acts as a _______
33.sperm releases an ______ that speeds up reactions in the egg
35.female sex organ
36.male sex organ
37.pregnancy is a ____ month period
38.forms when the nucles of a sperm joins with the nucleus of an egg
39.the menstrual cycle starts with girls ages _______ (3 Words)
1.during the ninth month of development, the fetus is _____ cm long
3.sperm changes the _______ ______ of an egg so that no other sperm can get in (2 Words)
4.amniotic sac forms during the _____ week of pregnancy
5.when the production of hormones slow down
6.responds to chemical messages from the hypothalamus (2 Words)
8.Place where the sperm is provided with a liquid called semen (2 Words)
10.test that can determine the sex of the fetus in the fourth month
14.more ________ contractions push the baby out during labor
17.up to ___ _______ sperm can fit into the vagina (2 Words)
18.the embyo recieves _________ until placenta develops
19.diffuses nutrients from mother"s blood to embryo without mixing it
22.The menstrual cycle causes a series of _______
25.where the egg is fertilized
26.at 2 months, embryo develops major ______
27.a zygote that iis attached to the wall of the uterus
30.sperm are better produced at ____ temperatures
31.where an egg goes during ovulation to be fertilized
32.zygote reaches the uterus after _______ days
34.female sex cell

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