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Assessing Vital Signs

Ruth Epner RN, BSN, WOCN

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5.absence of breathing
6.a slow pulse that is less than 60 beats per minute
11.abnormal, nonmusical sounds heard on auscultation of the lungs during inspiration, also called rales
12.breakdown, disintegration: also reduction or abatement
13.device that measures oxygen level
15.a rate at which heat is produced when the body is at rest
17.a normal relaxed breathing pattern
19.period where no sound is heard
20.a decreased amount of oxygen in the blood stream
22.state of insufficient oxygen in the blood
23.continuous dry, rattling sounds heard on auscultation of the lungs; caused by partial obstruction
24.deficit between apical and radial pulse
26.increased or rapid breathing
27.a heart rate greater than 100 beats per minute
28.difficult and labored breathing
1.bluish discoloration or skin color changes, particularly around the mouth and nail beds due to lack of oxygen
2.the pulse rate multiplied by the stroke volume
3.any variation from the normal rhythm of a heart beat
4.above normal body temperature
7.the lower pressure exerted on the artery when the heart is at rest between contractions
8.shrill, harsh sound on inspiration; caused by obstructionof the upper airway passages
9.the difference betweenthe systolic and diastolic pressure
10.a high pitched whistling sound of air forced pass a partial obstruction
14.the volumn of blood pushed into the aorta per heartbeat
16.listening for sounds produced with in the body
18.fever; when a body temperature rises above 100.2F
19.pertaining to the armpit
21.blood pressure elevated above the normal range
25.snoring sound produced when patients are unable to cough up secretions fromthe trachea or bronchi

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