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1.produces a fluid that moves down the urethra ahead of the seminal fluid
5.The lower outlet of the uterus and is composed primarily of connective tissue that constitutes the gateway between the uterus and the vagina
10.receives the yolk from the ovary
13.From the uterus, the egg moves into the vagina
15.The organ in the wall of the cloaca that puts the sperm cells into the hen’s reproductive tract
17.The food-carrying passage that begins at the mouth and ends at the vent
19.Near the urethra and the bladder
20.remove an animal’s reproductive capability
22.The production of sperm
25.The sensory and erectile organ of the female
26.Collects the liquid waste, which is called urine
27.Mammals is a Y-shaped structure consisting of the body, two uterine horns, and the cervix
28.secretes the thick white of the egg
1.Defined as the removal of an animal’s testicles
2.The storage site for sperm cells
3.several glands that add volume and nutrition to the sperm-rich fluid coming from the epididymis
4.open into the urethra
6.Serves as the female organ of copulation at mating and as the birth canal at parturition
7.the external opening of the reproductive and urinary systems.
8.essentially a transportation tube that carries the sperm-containing fluid from each epididymis to the urethra
9.Deposits the semen within the female reproductive system
11.a large, muscular canal extending from the urinary bladder
12.produces female gametes, which are sex cells that can unite with other sex cells
14.The enlarged part where the large intestine joins the end of the alimentary canal
16.In the uterus, the thin white and the outer shell are added to the egg
18.The production of egg cells.
21.produce sperm
22.A two-lobed sac that contains and protects the two testicles.
23.are two tubes that carry the ova from the ovaries to the uterus
24.This process takes approximately 1¼ hours

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