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Cinematic Techniques

M. Robertson

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1.A series of shots that tell part of the story
5.A shot that shows the character(s) and their surroundings
6.A series of images that make up a single unit of film
8.The music in the film
10.A shot that focuses upon the character's face or on an object
11.The camera moves from left to right or from right to left.
18.A sudden change from one scene to another
19.A slow change from one scene to another
20.The camera is held at normal height, the most natural angle.
2.The begining shot that sets up the scene
3.One image gradually replaces another- soft and romantic feeling
4.The camera moves back and forth between one character and another or one action and another.
7.The way the shots are put together to make a film
9.This tells us somehing about the characters and their relationship
12.The shot that shows surroundings from a distance
13.The camera is held above the subject.
14.The camera moves along with the subject.
15.The camera is held below the subject.
16.A single image, like a picture
17.A series of scenes that tell a mini-story within the film

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