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Pediatric Traumatic Injury

Brandi Haley

wong chapter 31

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5.A usual result from mishaps during play in young children
6.The________ is probably the bone that is most frequently broke in childhood.
9.What is the third P out of the five P's of ischemia from a vascular injury
11.Bone_________ occur when the resistance of bone against the stress being exerted yields to the stress force.
13.This type of technique decrease stump edema, controls hemorrhage, and aids in developing desires contours so that the child will bear weight on the poserior aspect of the skin flap rather than on the end of the stump?
14.A type of running traction in which the pull is in only one direction is called _______ traction.
15.For skeletal traction to be effective, ensure that the _________ are hanging freely at all times
17.A child that _________ in the learning of the IEF device is more likely to report less discomfort and adjust better
19.Trauma to a joint is so severe that a ligament is partially or completely torn or stretched by the forces as a joint is twisted or wrenched, often accompanied by damage to associated blood vessels, muscles, tendons and nerves is known as?
21._________ muscle and tissue damage can occur within 6 to 8 hours.
23.________ extension is used primarily for short term immobilizations, preoperatively with dislocated hips, for correcting contratures, or for bone deformities such as Legg- Calve- Perthes
24.What is damage to the soft tissue, sucutaneous structures, and muscles?
26.A type of traction that is applied to the skeletal structures by a pin, wire, or tongs inserted into or through the diameter of the bone distal to the fracture.
28.A ____________ dislocation should be reduced as soon as possible with child under conscious sedation and often local anestheia.
29.Ice should never be applied for longer than?
30.A fracture should be strongly suspected in a small child who refuses to walk or _______.
31.A pressure ________ device such as a special air mattress, decreases the chance of skin breakdown
34.After the first 24 hrs proper body alignment is important in amputation patients to decrease the risk of flexion_________.
37.What type of cast has special advantage for children?
39.An important thing to do in emergency treatment of a fracture is ________ the limb
40.Two lines of pull, one along the longitudinal line of the lower leg and one perpendicular to the leg, are produces by _______ traction.
42.Fractures involving the epiphysis or epiphyseal plate present special problems in determining whether _______ ________ will be affected.
44.Bone healing is characteristically rapid in__________ becuase of the thickened periosstem and generous blood supply
45._________ dislocation often occurs in older adolescents and are often sport related.
1.What type of fracture occurs when a bone is angulated beyond the limits of bending
2.Pain that increases with attempted passive or active movement of an extremity is a predominant symtom of what?
3.What is another name for partial dislocation?
4.A condition that may result in restriction of flexibility of the affected limb, due to deep contusions to the bicep or quadricep muscles?
7.What is the process of seperating opposing bone to encourage regeneration of new bone in the created space?
8.A spiral fracture in a young child may indicate__________ and further assessment of the family situation should involve a multidisciplinary team.
10.A type of traction that is applied to the skin surface and indirectly to the skeletal structures.
12.To reduce or realign a fracture site, __________ is produced by attaching weight to the distal fragment
16.What type of fracture appears as a raised or bulging projection at the fracture site?
17.What group of children who often fear bodily harm and fantasize the loss of an extremity, is it helpful in demonstrating applying a case to a plastic doll with?
18.A fracture crosswise, at right angles to the long axis of the bone
20.To reduce anxiety, _________ of the procedures is important especially in a trusting relatiionship has been established between the child and the nurse.
22.A type of traction that is applied to the body part by the hand placed distal to the fracture site.
25.Many of the nursing problems associated with a child in traction are related to?
27.An expected experience because of the nerve brain connections that are still present is known as ________ _______ sensation.
28.A main concern after a cast is applied is that the extremity may continue to?
32.A fracture slanting but straight, between a horizontal and perpendicular direction
33.A fracture slanting and circular, twisting around the bone shaft
35.This system of wires, rings, and telescoping rods that permits limb lengthening to occur by manual distration is called?
36.Skeletal traction is never release by who unless under direct supervision on a physican?
38.Assessment of neurologic function is essential to prevent further injury during the application and use of________ skeletal traction.
41.__________ buckly fractures are common in a child who falls and extends the arm forward to break the fall
43.Acronym for managing sprains and other soft-tisse injuries?

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