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Crawling Critters Fun Puzzle

Mike Wills

A very fun puzzle for kids to learn about bugs, pests and anmials.

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1.Sometimes I'm kept as a royalty at home
3.Not a gentleman bug!
7.Bugs not found in China:
9.I sleep upside down!
14.I'm smart, witty and like chickens
16.They're bite is "hot"
17.Spider that has a "timepiece"
18.My white strip gives me away. What a stinker!
19.We fly and sting if we are bothered
2.Most Common Roach
4.8 legs and likes to be alone
5.My tail will stick you
6.You've seen my kind on the Bug Bunny show!
8.I have a white mouth when I open it
9.They ruin a picnic!
10.pick me up and I'll stink on you!
11.2 types of my species. Run or Hide
12.Find me near a farmers silo.
13.I have 8 eyes
15.Don't let the bedbugs:

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