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Mrs. Vasu

Words that are associated with Fitness, health components of fitness, and skill components of fitness.

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6.the ability to combine hand and eye or foot and eye movements to perform a task.
8.the ability to cover a short distance as quickly as possible.
9.the ability to maintain a body position for an extended period of time.
10.the ability of your muscles to exert a maximum force or lift a maximum weight one time.
11.the ability to lift a resistance repeatedly or maintain a muscle contraction for an extended period of time. (2 Words)
1.the ability of the respiratory and circulatory systems to effectively deliver oxygen to the heart and working muscles during exercise.
2.the ability to change direction while moving.
3.the time it takes to start moving once a stimulus is given
4.the ability to move a heavy resistance quickly.
5.the relative percentage of fat in a person's body when compared to lean muscle, bone and other body tissue.
7.the ability to move a muscle through a full range of motion at the joint(s) it’s located at.

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