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Somatic Psychology Ch 8

Susan Post

Vocabulary, concepts: Ch 8, Armoring and Character Structure, The Psychology of the Body textbook, Somatic Psychology Course

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5.massage technique that irritates and frustrates the compressed structure client because it's too soft (2 Words)
6.type of armoring found especially around the joints
7.the period in one's early childhood generally from 18 months to three years old
9.animal studies which showed that touch is as important as food is in the ability or failure to thrive (2 Words)
10.expansion of chest cavity accompanied by contraction of abdominal cavity preventing the diaphragm from descending and no downward lung movement (2 Words)
12.psychological equivalent to armoring
13.system of the body that depends on touch for proper development (2 Words)
14.anatomical direction of the tilt of an "apparently collapsed stucture" person's pelvis
18.tending to form transverse rings or bands around the shoulder and pelvic girdles (2 Words)
19.person with primary traits of dependency, low aggressiveness, a need to be taken care of, feels deprived, leans on others, undercharged/undergrounded (2 Words)
21.a primary survival strategy for the disembodied structure
23.structure traits include deep fear of inner impulses and assertive expressiveness, desire to please others, internal resistant attitude, thick, muscular sheth armoring, overgrounding, feelings of extreme guilt for expressing autonomy in childhood (2 Words)
24.critical factors that determine a person's character structure type (3 Words)
25.outward display of anger, sadness, agitation, muscle relaxation by a client during massage therapy (2 Words)
1.the opposite of broad compression (2 Words)
2.massage technique that involves holding, pressing, or supporting the body in order to duplicate familiar armoring sensation
3.I can't! (5 Words)
4.dealing with emotional conflict by indirectly expressing aggression toward others (2 Words)
8.feeling cut off from one's self and the rest of the world
11.lack of this in the first 18 months of life leads to feelings of deprivation
15.collapse structure similar to apparently collapsed, low energy seen in the eyes and mouth, retracted jaw, hypotonicity (2 Words)
16.work together to form an integrated defense system to protect against perceived forbidden internal impulses and perceived threatening external stimuli (3 Words)
17.looks S-shaped when the person is observed for massage therapy assessment
20.structure with primary traits of dissociated thinking from feeling, withdrawn, tendency to live in one's head, avoids intimate/feeling relationships as an adult
22.tension in this area of the body forms "a ring of fire"

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