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Ch 8: Criminal Law

Mr. McLean

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3.Offences which are governed by provincial law are known as ______-criminal.
6.Determining a person's culpability according to the "standard" of a reasonable person is an _____ assessment of guilt.
7.It too is an "incomplete" type of crime.
10.Maximum time behind bars for a summary conviction offence.
12.Proof of "due ______' can prevent conviction in a strict liability case.
14.Encouraging someone to commit a crime.
16._________ presumption.
17.Willful ________.
20.The one who commits the offence.
21.There is no ______ involved in a summary conviction case.
22.A person who counsels another to commit a crime does not have to be at the _____ of the crime.
23.Theft is a _________ intent crime.
29.Party to __________ intention.
30.Criminal ________ is wanton or reckless disregard for the lives and safety of others.
31.Term for the "guilty mind". (2 Words)
1.An awareness of certain facts that establishes the mens rea.
2.The reason someone commits a crime.
4.Robbery is a __________ intent crime.
5.An assault is an example of a _______ physical act.
8.One of the purposes of criminal law is to protect this.
9.Possession of stolen goods is an example. (3 Words)
11._________ after the fact.
13.Term for the "guitly act". (2 Words)
15.A failure to do something legally required.
18."Beyond a _________ doubt."
19.One of the "incomplete" crimes.
24.Helping a perpetrator commit a crime.
25.Criminal laws are under _________ jurisdiction in Canada.
26.The scope of a legal prohibition is known as its _______.
27.Responsible for deciding how to proceed with a hybrid offence.
28.One's willingness to commit a crime.

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