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Introduction to P&A

1 2                   3
4   5           6               7
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  20               21      
        22                   23      
  24     25                      
  27           28                  
29                 30                        
  31   32                      
          33 34
35 36                   37           38            
  39 40           41         42  
    44   45                        
  46                   47            
49             50                        

2.A 'water hating' molecule is said to be...
4.Glucose phosphorylation is this type of reaction
6.The product of a dehydration reaction between two glucose monosaccharides
8.The product of dehydration reactions between multiple monosaccharides
10.Enzymes, antibodies and hormones are this structural type of protein
11.An increase in this factor will also make biochemical reactions go faster
12.A fatty acid which has only single bonds and is solid at room temperature
14.An increase in this factor will make biochemical reactions go faster
16.A contractile protein starting with m
18.The barrier reactions must reach before they progress
19.The basic unit of a carbohydrate
20.The structure which monitors variables
22.Where information is received, interpreted and a response is determined (2 Words)
24.A fatty acid which has at least one double bond and are liquid at room temperature
27.The biological molecule class that includes triglycerides, phospholipids and steroids
28.Contractile proteins such as actin and myosin and structural proteins such as collagen and elastin are this type of protein
29.AKA decomposition reactions
30.The maintenance of a relatively stable internal environment
32.The product of a dehydration reaction between two monosaccharides
36.The reaction type which uses energy
37.A molecule made of three fatty acids and one glycerol molecule
40.Number of different amino acids in the body
43.Enzymes belong to this class of biological molecule
45.The mechanism by which most enzyme reactions occur (3 Words)
46.How glucose is stored in the body (polymer of glucose)
47.A stretchy structural protein
49.The product of a dehydration reaction between glucose and fructose
50.The state in which the rate of the forward and reverse reactions are equal
1.The product of a dehydration reaction between glucose and galactose
3.The biological molecule class that includes monosaccharides, disaccharides and polysaccharides
5.A structural protein
7.The feedback loop which negates deviations from the set point (2 Words)
9.A contractile protein starting with a
13.Tissues whose functioning is modified to restore the variable to set point
15.A chain of amino acids
17.The reaction type which releases energy
21.A 'water loving' molecule is said to be...
23.Fats and oils
25.The basic unit of a protein (2 Words)
26.A molecule made of two fatty acids, one glycerol molecule and a phosphate group
31.Heat and acid can do this to a protein
33.The reaction which joins the glycerol to three fatty acids
34.The final folded form of a polypeptide chain of amino acids
35.A molecule which consists of four hydrocarbon rings bonded together
38.The steroid precurser molecule for hormones, vitamin d and bile salts
39.Catalysts which lower the reaction threshold and allow reactions to proceed faster
41.AKA synthesis reactions
42.Type of chemical bond between amino acids
44.Are enzymes consumed during reaction catalysis?
48.A decrease in this factor will make biochemical reactions go faster

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