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Unit 16: Intereference with Elimination

Tara Oxley, RN

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3.Manifestations of IBD outside of the GI tract
7.Medical term for stomach gurgling
11.The cessation of peristalysis
13.Quadrant of Diverticulitis pain
15.The color that may present in stool while taking Senna
17.An internal ileostomal reservoir for stool
22.A narrowing of the GI tract, common with Crohn's
25.A tear in the mucosa lining of anus
27.The infolding of the GI tract on itself
29.Disorder in which abdominal pain is relieved by defecation
30.Decrease of these lab results seen with anemia; ______ and ______
34.Antiinflammatory medication for IBD; take with meals
37.A hyperosmolar medication that draws water into the bowels
39.A medication that irritates the sensory nerve endings in the GI tract
41.IBD condition with most severe bleeding
42.Diet order for a patient with a bowel obstruction
43.Supplemented with Imferon
45.Medical term for the feeling of incomplete defecation
47.Stomal complication; stoma located below the level of skin
49.The name given to internal appearance of GI tract with Crohn's
50.A substance that should be avoided with diarrhea
51.Description of pain consistent with a SBO
52.The middle portion of the small intestine
1.The twisting of the GI tract
2.Anti-spastic medication
4.Classification of Azathioprine (Imuran)
5.Cardiac compensation with an active bleed/hemorrhage
6.Connection site of two bowel segments
8.Enlarging measurement that may indicate the onset of Toxic Megacolon
9.Quadrant of Crohn's disease abdominal pain
10.Lab result to monitor with total parenteral nutrition
12.Amount of suction used with NGT decompression
14.Type of vomiting consistent with LBO
16.Classification of Metamucil
18.The protrusion of the bowel through a structure
19.Commonly found in stool with malabsorption
20.IBD condition prone to developing fistulas, fissures, and abscesses
21.IBD condition with most severe diarrhea
23.The best instructor in nursing education :-)
24.Nutrition administered intravenously through a central line
26.A food that should be avoided on a low-residue diet
28.Medical term for upset stomach, or indigestion
31.A complication of IBD; profound enlargement of GI tract
32.Elevation of this lab result seen with perforated bowel
33.Avoid these products when taking Theragran
35.Opposed to Chron's, the lesions in Colitis are _______
36.A bulging vein in the rectum
38.IBD condition most likely to result in severe malnutrition
40.Electrolyte of most concern with diarrhea
44.Stomal complication; abnormal lengthening of stoma
46.Obstruction of this bowel results in profound electrolyte absorption deficits
48.The color that may present in stool while taking Iron supplements

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