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The Red Pyramid

Ryan Nguyen 6-2

4       5    
7     8    
  9 10            
11                 12
13             14     15  
16             17      
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1.You can have them as a pet , they have claws and they are scared of dogs
4.A big triangle in Egypt that egyptains made
7.This guy kidnappes Carter and Sadie but they soon found out that he was their uncle
10.The gaint snake monster and is the order of chaos
11.The baboon of Amo's house and is a big fan of the lakers
13.Someone might tell you something but it is to be left alone and not to tell anybody ( In this book the name is can make this die or lower there power)
14.This god possessed Sadie and is known for her wisdom
16.The main charatar of this book ( Girl)
17.This is the cat goddess and Sadie's protector
18.He is known as the red lord and trying to destroy the earth
19.The crocodile of Amo's house and lives in the swimming pool. He can turn into a small crocodile statue
2.People that are important and have power. ( Like Horus, Isis, Set etc )
3.Pictures that can represent words ( like + )
5.People that can use magic and have a staff or a wand ( NOT A WIZARD
6.This god possessed Carter and helped him fight set and helped him defeat set as well
8.The main charactar of this book (Boy)
9.Something you eat at Thanksgiving ( Ra is this animal )
12.When magicians are sleeping there Ba would travel into an place of the world which you might not return from. Could also be a sight that is important to see
15.Magicians use them to help find resources and infomation ( made out of wax)
16.Words that can make magic offen wizards, witches, and magicians use them

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