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Harry Potter

Stefan/ JK Rowling

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1.The main character of the story.
6.A human that is not born in the magical world and not a wizard.
7.A foul in the game of quidditch.
10.Harry Potter's best friend.
11.A dark creature, one of the most awful to inhabit the world.
12.It's a poisition in the quidditch game.
13.To cast something to hurt or to help someone.
14.A team that competes in tournaments.
15.Harry Potter's best female friend, Very smart girl in school.
17.A powerful wizard and Harry Potter's dad.
18.A magical object used to cast spells.
19.One of the most powerful and evil wizard.
2.A stone used to increase someone's life span.
3.A school in the magical world they live in.
4.Enemy of Harry Potter.
5.A little ball in the game of quidditch.
8.One of the most powerful wizards of all.
9.An enchanted object which brings anyone touching to a specific location.
16.Voldemort's snake which tends to kill people.
20.A elf who served the Malfoy family.

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