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master vs student and brother vs brother

Masashi Kisomoto

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1.sasuke yells at itachi that he'll use his anger and hate to kill him
4.itachi tells sasuke that madara can't die
6.itachi tells his brother the one other part to the uchiha's past
7.Itachi tells his brother that madara was wis teammate
10.the third most powerful eves in the world
11.itachi and sasuke are brothers
13.itachi tells sasuke that what sasuke saw in his illusion he will make it real
17.the second most powerful sharingan
20.jiriya has made his students will his own
22.itachi tells sasuke that he thinkigng madara is dead is his guess
24.sasuke tells itachi that he has the strenght to kill him
25.the casters ultimate defense and offense, itachi's ultimate defense and attack jutsu
26.the uchiha clans powerful eyes
28." hoho barely great, but great indeed" jiriya's last word
29."madara was disturbed by the thought of gong blind" itachi tells sasuke
2.itachi and madara partnered up to kill their clan
3.Sasuke yells at his brother that he thought the events of the night he killed their clan was a illusion
4.itachi tells his brother about mirages
5.Naruto and his team battle against the enemy
8.jiriya's student naruto
9.sasuke tells his brother that he couldn't have killed his clan without a partner
12.an illusion world where the caster is in control of the time and space, itachi's ultimate genjutsu
14.Naruto and his team are being played with by the enemy Tobi
15.suigetsu's rash descision to battle his former teacher
16."why are you interseted in him anyway?" itachi asks his brother
18."madara stole his brothers own eyes to save his own"
19.black flames that will never go out until it burns it's victim to ash, itachi's ultimate attack jutsu
21.madara can't die
23.itachi tells sasuke the difference to real life and illusions
27.pain tells his former master that he has become a godly being

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