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Optics: Vocabulary

Mrs. Gies

Absorb, Brain, Chemiluminescent, Concave, Convex,

Eyes, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Lens, Light,

Opaque, Optics, Pupil, Radiate, Ray, Reflect,

Refract, Shadow, Translucent, Transparent

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2.To cast or bounce back from a surface
5.Light that is produced by excited molecules or atoms
9.One of the three things you need for sight, the organ that makes sense of the image your eyes see
10.A lens that curves or rounds inward
11.To soak up or take in
15.Lets no light through, objects cannot been seen through it
16.Lets all light pass through so that objects can be seen through it
17.One of the three things you need for sight. An illuminting agent or source, such as the sun, that makes things visible
18.The science dealing with properties of light and vision
20.A transparent substance, usually glass, having two curved surfaces used for magnification or to correct defects in vision
1.One of the three things you need for sight. The organ used for sight
3.Light that is produced by using electricity to ignite mercury vapor
4.A lens that curves or rounds outwards
6.Light that is produced by a heat source
7.A dark image cast on the ground when something intercepts the light
8.Lets some light through, but scatters the rays, so objects cannot be seen clearly through it
12.A narrow beam of light
13.To emit rays, such as rays of light
14.The bending of light rays as they pass through objects with different densities
19.Lets light into the eye, or, a student

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