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The Red Pyramid

Ryan Nguyen 6-2 Good Copy

1 2    
5     6    
9   10                  
12   13          
14 15   16 17        
        19 20    

1.The goddess of magic and possessed Sadie
3.Your name and identity
5.Pictures that can represent words
9.When gods or magician can master the magic of knifes and weapons ( Has a space in the middle of 6-7)
11.The Symbol of Isis ( No spaces )
12.These big object are in the Egypt and is a big triangle
16.A clay person and is an helper to magician, they are helpful for imformation
18.When you are a combat magician you can summon a great big person who copy every move you make
19.The order of the universe and if destroyed the whole world could be destroyed with it
21.The god of evil and also known as the Red Lord
22.The main character of the book ( Girl )
2.Words that can make magic and often wizards, witches and magician use them
4.The symbol of Horus ( Has two spaces)
6.Your soul when it leaves your body
7.A magical realm
8.The cat goddess and the protector of Sadie
10.People who has magic and use staffs and wands ( NOT A WIZARD)
13.The sun god and the god of order and chaos
14.The main character of the book ( Boy)
15.This symbol means destroy often used by carter and sadie
17.The god of war and possessed Carter
20.The sun ( Not the God )

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