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Candy Cane Crossword

3 4                    
5     6  
7     8  
10                     11
12   13            
    14           15  
16     17   18   19    

1.Hang this on your front door (6)
2.The day after Christmas (6,3)
4.'Merry Christmas' in French (6,4)
5.Another word for present (4)
9.Animals that pull Santa's sleigh (8)
10.He comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve (5,5)
13.Santa's helpers (5)
14.Keeper of the flocks (8)
16.Things you pull (8)
20.--- to the World (3)
21.Decorate the outside of your house with these (6)
1.Best-selling Christmas song of all time (5,9)
3.Stand underneath to get a kiss (9)
6.First word of a famouse Christmas poem (4)
7.Traditional red Christmas flower (10)
8.Thigns that hang from the Christmas tree (7)
11.Traditional meat for Christmas dinner (6)
12.This hangs form the chimney (8)
15.The red nosed reindeer (7)
17.You get this for Christmas if you are bad (4)
18.Festive drink made with milk, cream, sugar and beaten eggs (3,3)
19.Flakes that fall from the sky (4)

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