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PPE in Plumbing

Steve Baxter

Personal Protective Equipment

1 2 3 4
  5   6               7   8  
  11 12                
15           16                
17 18          

6.These must be worn in a noisy work environment (12)
9.Eye protection worn while soldering above head height and in the workshop(7)
10.This type of overall should be fire resistant (10)
12.Minimal ear protection that should be worn (8)
13.Most under rated piece of PPE worn in plumbing (8)
15.Type hand protection worn by plumbers when handling chemicals or drainage pipework.
16.It is this persons responsibility is it to provide PPE in the workplace (8)
17.Always wear these when handling hot work or sharp objects (6)
19.This must be changed in your respirator after regular use (6)
20.Safety footwear will be usually have toe-caps made from this material(5)
1.Protective layer through the bottom of your footwear which prevents nails from piercing the foot (7)
2.Abbreviation of high visibility (5)
3.Head protection (6,6)
4.Keep all PPE in a good state of _ _ _ _ _ _ (6)
5.Type of respirator that also gives eye protection (8)
7.Respiratory item that will give minimal protection (8)
8.Preferred type of protection from airborne particles (10)
11.Type of cream applied to hands before starting work (7)
14.Type of eye protection that is secured to your head by a strap (7)
18.These should be tied securely on protective footwear to prevent trips (5)

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