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South Park' Characters

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5.Who's the girl with blonde curly hair?
7.Who's the black boy?
8.Mr. Garrison's puppet.
9.Who's the father of Stan and Shelley Marsh?
11.Who's the boy wears a yellow long-sleve shirt, blue pants, black boots and braces? He's handicapped.
12.Who's the Priest guy in Chruch?
14.Who's the wizard catfish wearing a samurai helmet?
17.Who's the boy with blonde hair and wears a brown cap, red jacket, white shirt and blue and violet trousers?
19.Who's the girl wears Pink Beret Hat, Light Purple Sweater with Dark Blue Collar, Yellow Trousers and Blue Glovers? She is Stan's Girlfriend. Her best friend is Bebe Stevens.
20.He hangs out with Ned Gerblansky. He's the Uncle of Stan Marsh.
22.He is Stan and Shelley's Grandfather. Randy's Father.
28.Who's the principal of South Park Elementary School?
29.He married to Mr. Slave.
30.A Guy with shade glasses.
31.Who's the boy wears Green Hat, Orange Coat with Green Collar, Green Gloves and Dark Green Pants? He's Jewish. His best friend is Stan Marsh. He hates Eric Cartman.
32.Who's the boy wears Light Blue hat with yellow, Red Sweater, Yellow Gloves and Brown Pants? He's fat. He called Kyle a Jew.
35.Who's the older brother of Kenny and Karen McCormick?
37.Who's the boy wears Orange Hood Sweater and Brown Gloves? He's a Poor Kid and he died.
38.Who's the Chinese guy?
39.Who's the father of Butters Stotch? His wife is Linda Stotch.
42.Who's the mother of Eric Cartman?
45.Who's the bird with crown?
47.Who's the mother of Stan and Shelley Marsh?
48.Who's the youngest sister of Kenny and Kevin McCormick?
49.Who's the girl with dull brown hair and wears a lime-green jacket, a dark green trouser and red gloves? She hangs out with her friends Bebe, Wendy, Lola, Rebecca AKA Red and other girls.
50.Who's the guy with shade glasses? And hangs out with Jimbo Kern.
51.Who's the classmate of Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kennys' third and fourth grade class?
52.Who are the two guys in TV? And They're from Canada.
53.Who's the guy said Ooh, Jesus Christ!?
54.Who's the father of Kyle and Ike Broflovski?
1.Who's the girl with red hair like Rebecca?
2.Who's the girl with light brown hair with dark green or blue headband? She's friends with Wendy, Bebe, Rebecca, Heidi and other Girls.
3.Who's the boy with brown hair? He's the student of South Park Elementary?
4.Who's the counsellor of South Park Elementary School? He said "M'Kay."
6.Who's the mother of Butters Stotch? Her husband is Stephen Stotch
10.Who's the black guy with White Baker Hat and Red Shirt? And Say: "Hello There Children."
13.Who's the nervous boy in South Park Elementary School?
15.Who's the mother of Kyle and Ike Broflovski?
16.Who's the adopt little brother of Kyle Broflovski? He's Canadian.
18.Who's the boy with blonde hair? When his parents grounded him.
21.Who's the animal wears a kings' crown?
23.Who are the parents of Kenny McCormick?
24.Who's the Gerbil?
25.Who's the older sister of Stan Marsh? And Daughter of Randy and Sharon Marsh.
26.Who's the Third and Fourth Grade Teacher of Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Students?
27.Who's the girl with blonde frizzy hair and wears a red coat? She has best friend name Wendy Testaburger.
33.Who's the girl with red hair? She's the good friend of Wendy, Bebe, Lola and other girls.
34.He is the leader of South Park Police.
36.Four kids are not emos.
40.Who's the talking towel?
41.He's the dog of Stan Marsh.
43.A Christmas Poo. And a good friend with Kyle Broflovski
44.Who's the boy wears Blue hat with red, Brown Coat with Red Collar, Red Gloves and Blue Pants? He has best friend name Kyle Broflovski and a girlfriend name Wendy Testaburger.
46.Who's the boy in the wheelchair? He also said "Timmy!"

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