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The Parthenon...Greek Archetecture...2 point perspective and more


Fill in the balnk with the word(s)that match the clues.

1 2     3             4
5                   6  
    7 8              
11 12       13                 14
            17   18              
  24   25 26
27 28             29                  
  32           33          

2.I bring this to art class every day so I can draw in it
5.my art teacher's last name
8.this social issue kept Greek City-States from celebrating unity
10.A war in 431 B.C. between City-States Athens, (versus) Sparta,Corinth and others
13.the top step of a three step platform
15.this is what you need to draw a straight line
16.a decorative style where the top of the column has an elongated leaf designed capital
17.a decorative style where the top of the column has a broad plain capital
19.Building was begun in 447 B.C. and took ten years to complete
21.where diagonals lead to in perspective drawings
22.a line of columns all in a row
27.This is where I improve my vocabulary and read about "Angela's Ashes"
29.a decorative style where the column has a double scroll capital that looks like the horns of a ram
30.the line that defines where the sky meets the earth and travels East to West
31.a cross beam supported by columns
32.an upright post used to bear weight
33.a decorative band running accross the upper part of the wall
1.Known as the sacred hill wher the Parthenon was built in Athens Greece
3.drawing that starts with a horizon line and two vanishing points
4.the lightness or darkness of all colors
6.the mall near my high school
7.the main weight bearing portion of a column
9.the upper portion consisting of the linel, cornice and frieze
11.the name of the school where I matriculate
12.Holiday that just passed and was filled with gratitude
13.when my pencil gets dull I get this out of my Art Kit to create a fresh point
14.Green Bay Packer (Wisconsin) Fans...see Mr. "K" if you don't know that Wisconsin is a Dairy State
16.Holiday thats three weeks away moving forward
18.a sloping element that slants above the horizontal cornice
19.the triangular section framed by the cornice and raking cornice
20.the top element of a column
23.lines in a drawing that go straight up and down or North to South
24.hue refers to the name of what
25.horizontal element above the frieze
26.this social issue kept Greek City-States celebrating diversity
28.I need this when I make a mistake with my pencil

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