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Dwarf Planets, Asteroids, Meteors, and Cometss

P. Weeks

Use pencil only. No spaces between 2 word answers. PRINT ONLY, neatly.

1 2
5             6   7 8
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17                       18 19
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33 34      

3.Spacecraft on its way to Pluto that will arrive in 2015
4.Dwarf planet; plutoid, discovered near Easter, no moons
5.Most of a comet's material is in this
10.Family of asteroids most dangerous to earth.
11.Comets that orbit the sun in less than 100 years are called this
13.Supposedly the source of comets; hypothetical sphere of icy objects
14.Meteor that appears to break up violently
15.Extra spectacular meteor seen over wide area
17.Rock or dust orbiting the sun
22.Dwarf planet; 4 moons, polar ice caps, 17 degree tilt to orbit from ecliptic
23.Halley's comet should return in the year 20__ __ (spell out)
24.Long, glowing pieces behind a fireball
25.Photographs used to find asteroids; they look like streaks and stars don't
28.Time it takes for comet to go once around the sun; differs for each
30.Meteor shower seen every November
31.Two asteroids can orbit each other and so are called _________.
32.Comet tail may be __________ of miles long
33.Only dwarf planet in the asteroid belt.
35.Type I tail on a comet is mostly made of this
1.Largest meteorite ever found; 66 tons
2.Location of most asteroids
6.Doughnut-shaped debris field past Pluto; hypothetical, some evidence for it.
7.Dwarf planet with rapid spin, spot, and oblong shape
8.Near Earth Asteroid Tracking
9.Group of asteroids with similar orbits and composition
11.Rarest type of meteorite
12.Can often be seen without a telescope; made of head and tail
16.Point in the sky from which meteors seem to come
18.Head of a comet is made of a nucleus and ___________
19.Dwarf planets must have a nearly __________ shape.
20.Rock or dust entering earth's atmosphere
21.A dwarf planet cannot be one of these but can have one (or more)
26.meteor shower seen every August
27.Family of asteroids near Jupiter
29.Most common type of meteorite
34.Dwarf planet; largest; most distant

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