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Final Review Vet 121A

Tracy, Jason, Adam, Kelli, Andrew

This is a review puzzle for Vet121A Pathology Class.

1 2       3   4 5 6
    7           8 9     10          
  12   13 14                                   15                
16               17                 18    
                21   22               23  
    26         27            
28 29         30                
31                 32       33      
                35           36      
    41   42 43        
44   45               46                  
  49                                     50  
  52                 53                
  57       58                      

1.Excercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage
7.Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
9.Horses, rats, chinchillas, and guinea pigs are known as this type of fermenter.
14.One of the most common disorders involving spinal cord of small animals
16.Lens get denser as animal ages, does not affect vision.
19.Clinical signs that include abscesses involving adjacent lymph nodes of respiratory system
21.Opacity of lens, etiology genetic, congenital, trauma, diabetes.
25.Deficiency in aqueous portion of tear film, ends in sicca, also called dry eye.
26.This pansystemic disease comes from a retrovirus which cannot survive long in the environment.
30.is transmitted through saliva into a bite wound
31.Shipping fever pneumonia and tuberculosis are respiratory diseases of
34.Transports O2 to the bloodstream and removes CO2
35.Common name for prolapsed gland of third eyelid
37.Name of diagnostic test used to check for EIA in horses.
38.neurological problem with the left recurrent laryngeal nerve
40.They prefer dogs but in cats they cause this
45.Inflammation of the epithelium of the external ear canal
47.Radiographs or ultrasound tend to look for this in a patient suffering from lepto.
49.Inflamation of conjunctiva
51.Second row of cilia coming out of eyelid margin which rub on cornea
52.feline distemper is also known as
54.Inflammation of the eyelid
55.Benign tumor, grows in subcutis
56.Most common urolith in canines.
57.Tick paralysis occurs __________days after attachment
58."Five, Fat, and Female" are signalments of
59.A terminal pansystemic disease.
60.Elevated introcular pressure cause damage in this condition.
2.Thickening of skin
3.Etiology: orthomyxovirus, affects respiratory epithelium, transmission: aerosol
4.This pansystemic disease is commonly transmitted either vertically or horizontally.
5.Hormone produced for blood pressure maintenance.
6.Frothy and free-gas
8.This type of virus causes canine distemper virus.
10.Etiology of canine heartworm disease.
11.Equine and Canine Wobbler Syndrome is also known as
12.FIP enters the host through this route.
13.This other animal besides dogs can be vaccinated for canine distemper.
15.Canine infectious tracheobronchitis
17.2 seizures within a 24 hour period
18.Nitrogen compound from muscle breakdown.
20.Clinical signs include hematomas, petechia and ecchymoses.
21.Anal sac disease is very rare in this animal species.
22.Rapidly ascending motor neuron weakness occurs in
23.2 or more seizures wih out returning to normal consciousness between
24.Most common cardiac disease in dogs.
27.Dobermans and Rottweilers may be predisposed to
28.Common name for Acute Moist Dermatitis.
29.Nitrogen compound from protein breakdown.
31.Abdominal pain
32.Inflammation of the lining of the stomach and intestines.
33.This disease is highly zoonotic and can affect horses, swine, dogs, humans, and cattle.
36.Condition where eyelids roll in.
39.A confirmatory test for FIV after an ELISA test has been performed.
41.Clostridium tetani causes
42.Two viral causes of feline upper respiratory disease (ahabetical order)
43.Proper name for "Tick Fever."
44.Redness of skin
46.A prolapsed _________ eyelid is a clinical sign of tetanus
48.Fluid buildup in the abdomen; a common sign in effusive FIP
50.The mortality rate of tetanus is ___ percent
52.Inappropriate urination
53.Abnormal overflow of tears down the face.

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