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Violence Prevention- Avoiding, Preventing and Dealing with Violence.

A. D. Daniel

Vocabulary associated with Violence Prevention

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4.when someone you know socially makes you have sex when you don’t want to.
6.Means "human being".
7.Being aware of possible danger and knowing what to do.
10.Suffix that means "to kill".
12.A person who commits a violent act.
13.The killing of one human by another.
14.A group whose members often use violence or take part in criminal activity.
1.Comes from French word meaning "to beat" and/or "battle".
2.A policy that makes no exception for anybody for any reason.
3.Any individual who suffers injury, loss or death due to violence.
5.A threat or an attempt to injure another person.
8.A serious crime which involves the buying and selling of drugs.
9.Sexual intercourse against someone's will or without their permission.
11.Any behavior that causes physical or psychological harm to a person or damage to property.

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