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Plate Tectonics

Kalley Murray:)

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1.surface along which rocks move when they pass their elastic limit and break
5.opening in Earth's surface that erupts
9.theory that Earth's crust (2 Words)
12.Hess's theory (2 Words)
13.break in rock caused by tension forces,where rock above the fault surface moves down relative to the rock below the fault surface (2 Words)
17.Alfred Wegener's theory (2 Words)
18.a large section of Earth's oceanic or continental crust and rigid upper mantle that moves around on the asthenosphere
19.seismic wave that moves rock particles up and down in a backward rolling motion and side to side in a swaying motion (2 Words)
20.means "all land"
2.crust and part of the upper mantle are broken into plates that float and move around on a plastic-like layer of the mantle
3.current in Earth's mantle (2 Words)
4.seismic wave that moves rock particles back and forth in the same direction that the wave travels (2 Words)
6.wave genarated by an earthquake (2 Words)
7.plastic-like layer of Earth on which the lithosphereplates float and move around
8.break in rock caused by compressive forces,where rock above the fault surface moves upward relative to the rock below the fault surface (2 Words)
10.seismic wave that moves rock particles at right angles to the directipon of the wave (2 Words)
11.point on Earth's sufac directly above an eathquake's focus
14.instrument used to register earthquake waves and record the time that each arrived
15.in an Earthquake,the point below Earth's surface where energy released in a form of seismic wave
16.vibrations produced when rocks break along a fault

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