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The Trial Process

M Bedard

1 2 3
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5.hearing that is less formal than a trial, in which a third party hears the complaints and makes a decision that both parties agree to abide by
9.a professional who can give medical, scientific, or similar instructions to help the court understand the evidence, may give opinion about their conclusions
10.used to prove the facts of the case
14.summary used to convince the trier of fact that the evidence presented is enough to win the case
18.witness must have seen, heard, or experienced whatever they are testifying about
19.the defense must ___________ the evidence presented by the prosecution
21.burden of proof in a criminal trial
25.suggest the answer desired by the questioner
26.happens when the witness provides more information than the question called for
28.the plaintiff or prosecutor has the ____________________
29.the parties talk face-to-face
1.burden of prove in a civil case
2.another name for the prosecutor, or attorney who represents the state
3.the advance sharing of information before the trial
4.means questions and answers must relate to the subject matter of the case
6.means that two or more persons are in conflict and present their arguments before a third party
7."paints a picture" fof the case that will be presented to the jury
8.speaks for the people or the state
11.letters, notes, deeds, bills, reciepts, etc that porvide proof of information about the case
12.questions asked to show weaknesses in the witness' statement
13.tells the facts to the court about what they saw, heard or experienced
15.involves questions designed to help the witness tell the story
16.weapons, fiber, hair, fingerprints that can provide facts about the case
17.something the witness has heard someone say outside the court room
20.the accused person in a criminal case
22.testimony given outside the court room
23.judge or jury perfomrs this function
24.only a qualified expert may give this during their testimony
27.proves the defendant was not present at the scene of the crime

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