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France Juvenile

Krista Mass, Marcie Manarey, Alex Wan

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2.What are acts called in France?
4.What is one of the roles the magistrate assumes?
8.After what major event did France develop their youth justice system?
10.In 1990, the united nations development what convention?
16.What juvenile system is France most like?
18.What the term to describe the ability to judge what is right or wrong?
20.What is the term when the youth has to take responisblity?
1.What is the national agency that specializes in juvenile justice?
3.What is a term of a warning?
5.At what age can a youth be charged as an adult?
6.From the age 10-13 a youth can receive what kind of punishement?
7.What are only available for educational purposes?
9.What kind of model does France follow?
11.At what age is a French person considered an adult?
12.What is the last from of punishment the frances juvenile system can use on a youth?
13.What is available for educational and penal purposes?
14.What are judges called in France?
15.What is the youngest age in the juvenile system in France to receive a criminal record?
17.In the 2007 Paris riots, what was the longest sentence given to a youth?
19.What continent is France located in?

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