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Newberry Book Project

Hailey Morton- fifth grade.

Because of Winn-Dixie. Kate DiCamillo.

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4.the last name of the main Character.
6.Main Character girl from the book
9.last name Wilkenson, pinch-faced girl
11.nick name for the main character.
13.dog from the story, title character, and Opal's new friend.
14.is a caring person
15.stupid, mean, bald headed boy.
16.some kid
21.Library women
22.the main characters father
23.Another book by DiCamillo--The Tale of ____________.
1.the author of the book.
2.a five year old girl having a birthday party.
3.stupid, mean, baldheaded boy.
5.the name of the new church that Opal's father came to.
6.guitar playing kid from the Pet store.
7.name of the another dog that was barking.
8.a type of a throat lozenge named though out the book.
10.name of type of honor that this honor book was awarded.
12.mean nick name of main character from her former town.
14.the parrot from the pet store. p.53
17.some woman
18.some woman
19.former home of the main character
20.the former name of the building that the church is now in.

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