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Escher, Perspective and Color


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1.Escher was what ethnicity?
6.reflects all other colors of visible light
8.M.C. Eschers real name
11.Escher gained popularity as a what in the 1850s
13.the lines that make up the sides of an object in a perspective drawing that relate directly back to the vanishing point
17.the point at which parallel lines receding from an observer meet and disappears.
19.made by adding a colors compliment or black
20.colors created by combining a primary color and an adjacent color.
21.red orange and yellow
25.technique where larger objects appear closer.
26.made by adding white to a base color
28.red, yellow and blue
31.graphic system that creates the illusion of depth and volume on a two dimensional surface
32.green blue and violet
33.Escher also enjoyed writing and
34.absorbs light
2.the three physical properties of color
3.the lightness or darkness of a color
4.the only class Escher made good grades in.
5.the color itself
7.brightness or dullness of a color
9.orange green violet
10.where the earth and sky seem to meet
12.how many vanishing points are there in two point perspective.
14.how many colors are on the color wheel?
15.Escher was famous for these, which are patterns made from Identical shapes.
16.Escher developed a unique series of drawings after visiting what castle in Spain?
18.Escher's Fathers occupation
22.Escher couldn't be in the military because he didn't finish this
23.when drawing in two point perspective back lines are
24.when one object covers part of a second and the 1st seems closer. This is
27.technique where objects placed lower on the picture plane seem closer than objects placed near eye level
29.derives from reflective light
30.technique where clear sharp edges seem closer

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