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Chapter 8

Language, Thinking and Reasoning

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1.the first four scrambled word problems referred to the kitchen; the fifth word, "pteal", could have been "petal" but was identified as "plate" (2 Words)
6.the fact that children can perform cognitive tasks before they can talk about them is an argument against linguistic ___
8.Helen ___ said her experiences support linguistic determinism
11.___ are interested in language and its survival advantage
12.a specific procedure to find the only correct solution to a problem
15.a lab retriever is more likely a ____ of the concept "dog" than a pekinese
16.this abused child was an example of the importance of the critical period
17.a principle of critical thinking that is overlooked by the imitation theory of language acquisition
20.according to this linguist, humans have a language acquisition device
22.basic meaningful units of any language
23.variations within the same language
24.after only crying and cooing, babies start doing this
25.it is difficult to identify the colors in the ___ task because language is automatic
26.these are basic sound units
2.___ inormation includes context, location, and facial expressions
3.can be written, spoken or signed
4.a class or category; having common features
5.example of this is a word that sounds like what it is referring to
7.marketers use this effect by presenting gains rather than losses
9.linguistic ______ is the view that languages shape our thought processes
10.misplaced phrases make a sentence sound strange; there is a problem of ___
13.a heightened ability acquired as a result of being bilingual
14.this is a mental shortcut or rule-of-thumb used to solve a problem
18.this processing uses preexistingt knowledge (2 Words)
19.meanings derived from words or sentences are collectively known as ___
21.language includes __ and rules

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