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Dairy of a wimpy kid: Cabin Fever

Jeff Kinney

Greg, Manny, Rodrick, Rowley, Ambush, Privacy, Neighborhood Tattler, Flood, Spoon carousel, Occupied, Sweetie, Salvage, Alfrendo, Rationing, Gobstopper

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  5         6       7   8
      9     10        

1.A type of item that helps collect spoons from all over the world.
5.A large piece of hard candy.
9.Greg's favorite Christmas doll from his parents.
12.To have a free private life.
13.Grandma's pet given by Greg's family.
14.A over flowing water on land.
1.A property saved from danger.
2.A newspaper article that Greg and Rowley invented.
3.The one who talks about his life in this book.
4.Greg's younger and trouble making brother.
6.To take or fill up.
7.A fixed allowance of provisions or food During a shortagea shortage.
8.Greg's best friend in middle school.
10.Oldest child in the family but really immurture.
11.an instance of attacking unexpectedly from a suprise.

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