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Ch 9

Intelligence and IQ testing

1 2
3 4                     5
    13 14  
15               16       17          
20         21                

4.this type of IQ test doesn't depend on language (2 Words)
6.the prefrontal cortex is associated with ___ - term memory
7.a movement to discourage those labeled "bad genes" from reproducing; included legalized forced sterilization
9."s" factors refer to ____ intellectual abilities
10.over time, IQ's of adopted children are more like their ____ parents
12.a hypothetical concept, such as "justice, is an ___
15.according to him, performance in several areas is explained by a single "g" factor
16."SAT classes" have been ___ with higher SAT scores after the class
18.now known as the ___-Binet, after revisions by Lewis Terman
19.Jane was told in third grade that "girls can't do math"; from that time forward, Jane consistently received lower math scores due to ___ threat
20.Gardner claims that there are __ types of intelligence
21.contemporary IQ scores are based on ____ scores, the distance from the mean
22.this type of intelligence reflects one's "street smarts"
23.this graph represents the normal distribution of IQ scores (2 Words)
1.a ___ test measures what it is supposed to measure
2.this type of intelligence increases with age and is associated with openness to experience
3.Binet tested children in this country
5.___ immigrants were considered mentally retarded; early IQ testing
8.a test having relatively consistent results
11.___ was a Romanian immigrant who was initially classified as feebleminded
13.according to Sternberg's __ theory, there are three types of intelligence
14.there is a ___ correlation between intelligence and short-term memory
17.Rosenthal and Jacobson studied the effects of teacher ____ on IQs

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