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The Respiratory System

Instructions: Read pages 46-47 provided by your teacher. Use these pages to complete the crossword puzzle.

1 2
3 4         5                
6   7                      
      8   9  

4.The name given to the part of the respiratory system where air enters the lungs. (2 words)
6.These cells are responsible for transporting the oxygen from the lungs back to the heart where it is pumped out to the body. (3 words)
10.This system allows for the passage of air from outside the body to the lungs.
11.One of the functions of the respiratory system is the exchange of this gas that is taken in from the air when you inhale.
12.These are shaped like microscopic bunches of grapes found deep inside the lungs and are responsible for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
13.When you exhale, the diaphragm will do this causing your chest cavity to return to its normal size, increasing the air pressure inside your lungs forcing the air out of lungs into the air around you.
14.This lifestyle behaviour combined with environmental factors has caused an increase in the number of people with emphysema.
1.The name of the process by which oxygen and carbon dioxide move into and out of the alveoli and blood.
2.The name given to the part of the respiratory system where gas exchange takes place or occurs. (2 words)
3.During breathing, this will decrease inside the lungs and increase outside of your body forcing air to rush into your lungs through your mouth or nose. (2 words)
4.One of the functions of the respiratory system is the exchange of this gas which is a waste product that is exhaled during breathing.
5.Hundreds of these structures surround each alveoli and allow oxygen and carbon dioxide to be exchanged.
7.This muscle separates your chest cavity from your abdominal cavity and contracts to increase the volume of your chest cavity.
8.The number of alveoli found within our lungs. (2 words)
9.The name given to the disease where the alveoli are damaged or destroyed making gas exchange less efficient.

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