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Grasslands and Freshwater Ecosystems

Mr. Watterson

This crossword puzzle is to be done after the students watch 2 - 23 minute movies, Grasslands and Freshwater Ecosystems.

3 4         5      
  6 7      
9               10      
      12 13        
15                   16        

4.the specific environment whre an animal lives
9.small particles of minerals, sand and orgainic matter
11.the long-term process of restoring croplands in their orginal grasslands state
13.parts per million
15.the origin of a river or stream
16.large regions of the world that have similar characteristics
17.animals that eat other animals
18.tiny free-floating organisms that live in great numbers in bodies of water
19.living things
1.a farming practice that involves changing the contour of the land
2.a place where cummunities of living things interact with each other
3.the transportation of weathered materials from one location to another
5.changes in a living thing's structure occurring over a long period of time
6.an environments average wether conditions
7.an ecosystem that is covered by water fo part of the year
8.animals that eat only plants
10.organisms that are responsible for breaking down organic matter
12.the creation of passages for air and moisture in the soil by burrowing animals
14.non-living things

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