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2                     3            
  4           5
6                         7
11 12                 13 14     15
    16     17              
  18 19              
20                               21   22        
        25 26             27  
  31 32              
33       34                                          
          35       36          
      38       39                            

2.imagined a "United States of Europe" inspired by humanistic ideas
3.the process by which European are working together to create a European higher education area
4.the collapse of this wall drastically change the political makeup of Europe
6.one of the objectives of providing EU members with regional aid
8.expected to become the 28th member of the EU
9.the treaty of Lisbon made this charter legally binding
12.one of the EU programmes used to promote educational exchanges
16.this group consists of finance minster's from euro - area countries
20.used to finance transport infrastructure and environmental projects in the EU
21.a program that is aimed at greater security in the EU
26.an alternative energy supply for the EU
30.this holiday is celebrated on May 9 in the EU
33.nickname for the European Commission
36.this is the first treaty made by the European Coal and Steel Community
37.each budget is part of a seven year budget cycle know as...
38.How long is a term in EU Parliament
39.one of the countries that have not fully implemented the Schengen rules
1.the biggest expenditure for the EU budget is ...
3.The president of the European Commission that was elected for another 5 yr term
5.location of the European Central Bank
7.this allows police authorities to exchange information on criminals
10.the charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union promotes equality amongst
11.an economic strategy adopted by the EU and made by EU Commission president Barroso
13.this system is used to regulate chemical usage in the EU
14.one of the criteria that needs to meet before a EU member joins the eurozone
15.every EU adult had this right in the EU
17.______ role is to investigate complaints against EU institutions and bodies
18.one of the legal requirements for becoming a member in the EU
19.this strategy was adopted to help the EU compete on the global market
22.member state with the least number of representatives in the EU Parliament
23.one of the EU's essential characteristics
24.monthly meetings of the EU parliament are called...
25.this company was fined in 2008 for breaking the competition rules of the EU
27.this is a big concern for the EU and it citizen
28.the EU spend this amount of it GDP on research
29.one of the big changes that occurred in the 1990's that transformed economies and daily life in Europe
31.the current president of the European Council
32.this is the European council main job
34.EU secondary legislation consists of regulations, recommendations, and ...
35.this EU institution is responsible for managing EU cooperation on external border security

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