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Solve the puzzle. If you need to, use the internet to research your answers.

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  3     4
10 11                      
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1.When a skier continues to move forwards without kicking or using poles
3.You put your foot into these. They connect to the ski by attaching to the binding.
5.The type of skiing done on prepared trails that have tracks.
11.The name of the facility in Canmore that (2 Words)
13.An Olympic sport that involves skiing with a rifle on your back.
15.Sticks to the snow, allowing the skier to “grip” the snow.
18.The name of the town where in 1988 Olympic Cross Country Ski events occurred.
19.You hold these in your hands and use them to propel yourself forwards.
20.The year that the Winter Olympics were hosted by Calgary.
2.When a skier uses both poles but does not use her feet. (2 Words)
4.The parallel grooves that skis fit into, often carved out by machinery.
6.This type of skiing is done off trail, often in avalanche terrain.
7.A fast form of skiing that is sort of like skating on ice. (2 Words)
8.Used to fasten a ski boot to the ski
9.This Canadian skiing icon kept skiing until past the age of 100 (first name/nick name only needed).
10.Originally made of wood, you attach these to your feet to glide on the snow
12.A type of ski that does not need wax.
14.When skiing you should always dress in ________.
16.The term used to describe the action that the feet and skis make while skiing.
17.What you ski on.

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