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Christmas Connections

Louise P.

Christmas Knowledge.

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3.An animal's food trough.
4.Santa's transportation.
7.They keep the clod from Santa's feet.
8.Rudolph wears them proudly on his head.
9.A delicious walking stick.
12.A christmas tree which keeps its colour.
15.Carried Mary to Bethlehem.
16.A large Christmas bird.
19.The birthplace of Jesus.
21.Christmas activities that people have been doing every year.
23.We might go there on ChristmasDay but people in England wouldn't.
25.Looked after the sheep in the manger.
26.It led the wisemen to the stable
27.We have to fake this on Christmas trees in New Zealand and Australia
1.Christmas dessert named after a ballerina.
2.Written in the hope of being rewarded by Santa.
5.We pull them at Christmas dinner.
6.Father Christmas in the Netherlands.
10.The season for a NZ Christmas.
11.It hangs on the door of some homes.
12.The night before Christmas.
13.Number f point on a star.
14.He will melt quickly in a NZ Christmas.
17.He leads the others and helps Santa
18.A childlike statue of an angel.
20.It's fun to receive them from your family and friends.
22.Christmas in French
24.A special Christmas song.

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