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3.patient spontaneously describes, without editing, all thoughts, feelings (2 Words)
5.greatly reduced the positive symptoms of schizophrenia
6.they stress that the actions of the person must change for therapy to be effective (2 Words)
10.a patient’s unwillingness to discuss particular topics
12.provides psychoanalytic therapy for psychological disorders
15.uncontrollable facial tics, grimaces and other involuntary movements of the lips, jaw, and tongue (2 Words)
17.patient acts toward the therapist as she did or does toward important figures in her life, such as her parents
18.a maladaptive response is replaced by an incompatible adaptive response
20.Involves the use of psychological interventions
21.therapist directly confronts and challenges the patient’s unrealistic thought and beliefs (2 Words)
23.empathetic understanding of the client’s feelings (2 Words)
25.allows us the chance to symbolically experience our unconscious conflicts (2 Words)
27.psychotherapy in which the therapist uses unconditional positive regard, genuineness, and empathy (2 Words)
28.therapist uses the principles of classical and operant conditioning (2 Words)
29.Drugs that reduce psychotic symptoms (2 Words)
30.growth of new neurons
31.enzymes break down neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinephrine in the synaptic gap (2 Words)
35.the use of biological interventions, such as drugs (2 Words)
36.biomedical therapy for severe depression that involves electrically inducing a brief brain seizure (2 Words)
37.getting better with the passage of time without receiving any therapy (2 Words)
38.manifest content ,latent content (3 Words)
1.Drugs that treat anxiety problems and disorders (2 Words)
2.agonists for norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine
4.Electroconvulsive Therapy
7.dime-sized holes are surgically burnt in specific areas of the frontal lobes
8.performed on severely depressed or obsessive-compulsive patients who have not responded to other types of treatment
9.Psychoanalysis and humanistic therapies (2 Words)
11.block the reuptake of serotonin in the synaptic gap, keeping the serotonin active and increasing its availability
13.assumes that neurogenesis in the hippocampus stops (4 Words)
14.naturally occurring metallic element (a mineral salt) that is used to treat bipolar disorder
16.Doctoral degree in clinical psychology; provides therapy for people with mental disorders (2 Words)
19.counterconditioning procedure in which a fear response to an object or situation is replaced with a relaxation response (2 Words)
22.stimulating receptor sites for GABA and also increasing the receptivity of these sites, which increases GABA activity
24.psychotherapy in which the therapist changes the person’s thinking from maladaptive to adaptive (2 Words)
32.New Generation Antipsychotic Drug
33.operant conditioning to reinforce desired behaviors and extinguish undesirable behaviors
34.Antipsychotic Drug

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