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#101.16 Fire Investigation Unit

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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6.Structure Fire: The Investigation Team will consist of a team leader and _____
10.All _____ should be compiled by the Team Leader. Initial information, along with final forms with determinations and recommendations should be filed with the FIU Coordinator, as soon as possible.
11.If a _____ is initiated the responding investigator must contact the Incident Commander by cell phone or radio.
1.The final investigation report, associated written documents, and photographs shall be filed with the Fire Investigation ______ as soon as possible
2.Structural Fire: The Fire Investigation Unit should consist of a minimum of ___ (2) members
3.The unit will be under the direct supervision of the Incident Commander on the scene and the direct _____ of the FIU Coordinator during follow-up investigations
4.When possible the on duty fire investigation unit members shall take part in the _____ investigation
5.Arrival of additional team members or other agency(s), the Team Leader should provide them with an investigation _____
7.The final investigation report, associated written documentation, and photographs shall be stored in the Fort Osage Fire Protection District Administrative offices in one of the _____ fire proof cabinets
8.The Coordinator will _____ the final report and make any notes or needed corrections
9.In the event the Fire Investigation Unit determines the fire cause to be incendiary or attempted ____, the Incident Commander or Team Leader may request the assistance of Law Enforcement and/or Missouri State Fire Marshals Office

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