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Sr. Horsebowl #1

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1.What is the swelling of the palmar recess of the fetlock joint?
3.An atrophy of a supraspinate and infaspinate muscles is commonly referred to by what term? (2 Words)
6.What directional term describes the relative location of parts of the horse that are located closer to the horse's tail?
9.Give an example of a ginglymus joint. (2 Words)
12.What is the term for the sheath covering the penis?
13.What conformation defect is caused by toed-in conformation?
14.What is the collagenous connective tissue of the hoof containing many nourishing blood vessels and nerve endings?
18.In a mare, what teeth are absent or rudimentary? (2 Words)
21.What is the common term used to describe a thickening caused by inflammation of a flexor tendon? (2 Words)
22.The lacrimal gland secretes what substance?
23.Offset knees place greater strain on the medial small metacarpal bone causing what problem?
24.What is a chronic infection of the frog where there is a dark, foul smelling dead tissue in the central and collateral grooves?
25.What is the term for the structures that are divisions of the bronchial tree?
27.The horse has 18 pairs of ribs. How many pairs articulate with the sternum?
28.Oxygenated blood leaves the heart and enters the system circulation through what structure?
29.What term refers to the highly cellular tissue with flat, horny surface cells, and contains the hair follicle?
2.What hormone is responsible for stimulating the maturation of a developing ovarian follicle into a graafian follicle? (3 Words)
3.What is the limb movement towards the median plane?
4.What conformation defect occurs from toed-out conformation?
5.What structure can be found by parting the hairs on the palmar (on the forelimb) or plantar (on the hindlimb) surface of the fetlock?
7.What is the name for a swelling of the tarsocrural joint capsule? (2 Words)
8.What substance is secreted by the apocrine tubular glands?
10.The spleen produces what blood related substance?
11.What is the painful inflammation and thickening of the long plantar ligament?
15.What is the vessel rich, bone-producing membrane that covers the bone?
16.What musculo-membranous chamber is common to both the digestive and respiratory tract?
17.In the horse, this is the largest gland.
19.What directional term describes the relative location of parts of the horse's leg which indicates a location toward the free end of the limb?
20.A trocar can be used to allow gas to escape from which distended part of the large intestine?
26.T-lymphocytes are produced in what gland?

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