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Sr. Horsebowl #2

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  6 7                  
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      11 12  
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    26 27                          

1.What is the term for the large quantities of sebum produced by the well developed sebaceous glands in the sheath?
2.Name one of the four bones of the thigh and leg.
3.What is a swelling of the subcutaneous bursa over the calcaneal tuber? (2 Words)
4.Hydrocephalus is an excessive accumulation of what substance? (3 Words)
7.What is the viral and streptococcal infection called?
8.Complete ossification of the cartilages of the distal phalanx is called what?
9.What is another name for false ribs? (2 Words)
13.What is palmar deviation of the carpal joints? (2 Words)
14.The term describes the outermost covering of the spinal cord? (2 Words)
15.What is the term for the cheesy segma and dead cells that fill the urethral sinus of the male?
18.The liver secretes bile, which is delivered by the bile duct directly to what structure?
19.The horse's stomach secretes pepsin and what other protein digesting enzyme? (2 Words)
22.Degeneration of the laryngeal nerve, causing paralysis of the dorsal cricoarytenoid muscle, which in turn causes the vocal fold to move inward interfering wtih the flow of air during inspiration.
23.When blood is shunted away from small arteries in the dermal laminae, what can result?
25.Gonadotropin releasing hormone causes which hormone to be secreted by the pituitary gland? (3 Words)
27.Name the pacemaker of the heart. (2 Words)
28.What articulates with both the middle and distal phalanges? (2 Words)
30.What joint is made up of the femorapatellar joint and the femorobial joint? (2 Words)
31.Name the structure that supports the guttural pouches, pharynx, larynx, and the root of the tongue. (2 Words)
32.Sharp points on molars can cut the cheek or tongue and have to be cut off which is called what?
33.What is one of the 6 parts of the horse's foreleg that make up the area of the horse known as the "manus"?
34.Which unsoundness is frequently associated with a horse who is base narrow in the hind limbs?
1.What is one of the two types of skin glands that empty into the hair follicles?
2.Which leg bones are deeply embedded in and supported by ligaments but are still prone to fractures? (3 Words)
5.Name the gland that secretes insulin and glucagon.
6.What directional term describes relative locations of parts of the hrose which are located near the back?
10.Of the central enamel, a yellowish layer of cement covers the crown and fills in the what part of the tooth?
11.What is the scientific term for the horse's tail? (2 Words)
12.What is the term for the birthing process?
16.The fetus' urachus extends the fetal bladder to which part of the placenta? (2 Words)
17.Red marrow produces red blood cells and what other blood related substance?
20.What is the term for the 2 long tubes of cartilage that are lined with mucous membranes on each side of the vomer bone in the nasal cavity? (2 Words)
21.What is one of the two endocrine organs whcih are attached to the brain? (2 Words)
24.Name the structures, which are located priximal to the carpus on the front legs, and distal to the hock on the hind legs, that are used to help identify horses.
26.Endometritis is inflammation of which part of the mare's reproductive system?
27.What is the body's largest organ?
29.Name the structure that may be visible on the left side of the neck during swallowing.

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