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#101.22 Class A Foam

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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3.Forming a bubble foam layer at the surface increases the water surface area allowing faster heat _____
5.Once applied, the foam water solution acts by reducing surface _____ of water and enables the water to penetrate Class A materials more effectively
8.Class A foam should be considered to extinguish deep _____fire in layered or particulate material
9.Class A foam should be considered during an _____ fire attack of structure fires
10._____ is a very effective way of extinguishing Class A fires
1.Foam ______ materials by keeping them wet and cooler longer, making them less likely to ignite or rekindle
2.Class A Foam will not suppress flammable _____
4.Class A foam is a _____ detergent that affects the physical properties of water, thereby enhancing its ability to extinguish fires
6._____ mix a Class A foam with a Class B foam, as the mixture will congeal and clog the Engines foam system
7.Foam solution is created when 0.1% to 1.0% foam concentrate is added to ____

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