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Jr. Horsebowl #1

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1.What physical part of hay contains the highest level of carbohydrates & protein?
4.What is the term for the type of mouthpiece that does not have a port & is not jointed in the middle but has a slight bow? (2 Words)
5.During which stage of the mare's reproductive cycle will she exhibit eversion of the vulva?
7.What problem would you suspect if a hrose is wearing a bar shoe with heel support & a rocker toe & is medicated with isoxsuprine? (2 Words)
10.At what part of the mare's estrous cycle is she not responsive to the stallion?
11.More than 60% of this breed of racehorse is bay in color. Name this breed.
12.Which parasite of the horse comes in 2 types - biting & sucking?
15.What is the term for a horse with too much angle in the hock joint?
18.A horse that stands with their knees in an outward deviation as viewed from the front is called what? (2 Words)
20.In reference to feed processing, what is the term for grain that passes through rollers with corrugated surfaces?
22.The ovary is responsible for the production of the female hormones estrogen and what?
23.On which breed of horse could you find a "blue zone"?
25.What part of the horse's digestive tract has the largest capacity? (2 Words)
27.Which teeth erupt at 1, 2, & 3 1/2 years of age & are never shed?
28.What is the term for the measurement from the chest floor to the top of the withers? (2 Words)
29.What strap is seen on a western bridle that is not seen on a snaffle bridle?
2.What type of wound can be caused by poorly fitted tack?
3.What hormone is the mare is responsible for stimulating ovulation & supporting the initial stages of corpus luteum development? (2 Words)
6.Which bones are affected by ringbone? (2 Words)
8.What breed characteristically has vertically striped hooves?
9.Leydig cells in the stallion are responsible for the production of estrogen and what other hormone?
13.From what part of the horse's digestive tract are gut sounds mainly heard?
14.What is the term for the type of vision where the horse sees the same scene with both eyes?
16.What is the term for a horse that is bowed in at the hocks & canon bones instead of being parallel?
17.Bench of offset knees predispose the horse to develop what blemish?
18.Name one of the types of flies that are pests to horses? (2 Words)
19.What is the term for the junction between the head & neck that reaches from ear to ear?
21.What part of a bit enables it to be classified as a leverage bit?
24.In reference to an English saddle, what is the term for the channel that runs down the center of the underside of the saddle?
26.What color pattern of the pinto has irregular, scattered or splashy white markings that commonly do not cross the back between the withers & tail?

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