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Jr. Horsebowl #2

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1.Which species of pasture grass contains a fungal endophyte that can cause problems in horses, especially pregnant mares? (2 Words)
5.Which feed additive is commonly used to reduce dust & increase palability of the feed?
6.What type of English saddle is designed to give the rider optimum leg contact with the horse? (2 Words)
8.What is the term for the presence of blood in the respiratory tract of the horse after exercise?
9.When a horse's entire forelimb is too far forward & away from the body, this problem is called what? (2 Words)
16.To what part of the English bridle does the throatlatch attach? (2 Words)
17.What is the term used to describe the canter of the Tennessee Walking horse? (2 Words)
18.What breed of horse is registered on a temporary basis until they reach the age of 5 years to ensure they aren't too tall?
19.What piece of equipment is used in conjunction with a pack saddle to prevent it from sliding forward?
20.On a western bridle, what side of the horse does the throatlatch buckle?
22.What breed of American horse is registered with the USTA?
23.What breed was developed from the mixture of Barb, Andalusian, & Spanish Jennet? (2 Words)
2.What is the English version of a tie-down? (2 Words)
3.What is the term for the structure that protects the vital organs?
4.What by-product can be added to a horse's ration as a source of additional fiber besides wheat bran? (2 Words)
7.The mare's estrous cycle is divided into 2 distinct time periods, diestrus and what?
10.What is the primary function of the sole of the foot?
11.What type of forage is prone to make a horse slobber a great deal?
12.A horse that stands back at the knees is called what? (2 Words)
13.What type of forage has bacteria in its root nodules that can use nitrogen from the air & contain a high level of energy, protein, & calcium?
14.In what part of the stallion's reproductive tract, do sperm undergo modifications or maturation?
15.What type of shoe transfers the horse's weight to the frog? (2 Words)
21.What part of the English saddle rests on the horse's back?
22.In reference to hay, what part of the plant is the least digestible for a horse?
24.For proper digestive tract function, horses require a minimum of what percent of their body weight per day in long-stemmed dry matter?

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