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Records Comp Exam 1

Linde Paige

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50                 51                          
58         59               60        

2.Record created for use outside an organzition.
4.Rigid divider used to identify a section in a file.
7.Digital or photographic representation of a records a disk.
12.Unique name given to a file stored fo comupter use that must follow the computer's operating system rules.
17.Consistent use of different colors for different supplies in the storage system.
18.Digital signature also known as?
20.Checking a record to determine whether it is ready to be filed.
21.Records that do not have to be readily available but which must be kept for legal or fiscal purposes
22.Communication procedure between two companies that allows the exchange of standardized documents through computers.
23.Any of 32 horizontal directions indicated on the card of a compass.
25.Systematic guide that allows access to specific items contained witin a larger body of information.
27.System and procedures that provide for electronic payments and collections
29.Combination hardware and software buffer to protect the internal network from outside intrusions.
32.Electronic method to conduct business communication over networks.
33.Control procedure to establish the current location of a record
34.Standard for measuring the efficiency of various aspects of records systems.
36.Set of one or more characters treated as a unit of information and part of a record in a database
37.First unit of the filing segment.
38.Series of shelving unites that move on tracks attached to the floor for access to files.
40.Time the media will maintain its original quality so that it can continue to be used.
41.Computer program that replicates itself into other programs that are shared among systems causing damage.
44.Compass points used as part of the company or subject name.
48.Measure of the frequency of records use.
49.Collection of data designed to support managment decision-making.
50.Title, heading, short explanation, or description of a document
51.Name by which a record is stored and requested
52.Device that contains the name of the subject or a number given to the file folder or section contents
53.Date-sequenced file by which matters pending are flagged for attention on the proper date
54.Collection of related data stored on a computer system.
55.Worldwide network of computers that allows public access to send, store, and receive electronic information
56.Collective term for all microimages such as microfilm.
57.Degree of optical opacity of material that determines the amount of light that will pass through it or reflect from it.
58.Database element containing a group of records related to one subject.
59.Form that is inserted in place of a record removed from a folder
60.Database object used to instruct the program to find specific information.
1.Act of assigning a file designation to records as they are classified
3.Written request for a record or for information from a record
5.String of characters known to the computer system and a user to gain access to the system.
6.Subdivision of a storage device such as a hard drive created using the operating system of a computer
8.Control device that shows the location of borrowed records
9.Copy of electronic files and/or folders made as a precaution against the loss or damage data.
10.Listing of correspondents' names stored in a subject file.
11.Location of the tab across the top or down one side of a guide or folder.
13.Read/write device that attaches to a computer and is usable as a standard hard drive.
14.Records that has continuing or historical value and is preserved permanently by an organization.
15.Device used to arrange records into alphabetic or numeric categories.
16.Record that contains information needed to operate an organization
19.Device that converts an image of a document to electronic form.
24.Measure of filers ability to find requested records.
26.System that enables users to compase, transmit, receive, and manage electronic documents
28.Method of access to records that requires prior use of an external index.
30.Life span of a record expressed in the 5 phases.
31.Coding system based on the assignment of number ranges to subjects.
35.Way records are stored in a container
39.Records that assist in performing a firm's business operations.
42.Printed alphabetic listing in file order of all subjects used as subject titles in the filing system.
43.Data about data.
45.Notation that includes a drive designation and the folders that indicate the location of a computer file.
46.Cord that can be attached to the USB port on a laptop.
47.Measure of the sharpness or fine detail of an image.

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