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Chapter 3

Sylvia Garcia-Jacobs

Government SKJ Aiello

1 2          
    3 4 5
6                 7                  
  14                 15                

2.who has the power of the judicial branch?
6.who has the powers of the executive branch?
7.division of power among a central government
9.president that broke the no-third-term custom
10.who has the powers of the legislative branch?
12.concept of limited government (3 Words)
13.Basic powers that are distributed;seperated among three distinct and independent branches of the government (3 Words)
14.pact made by the president directly with the head of a foreign state (2 Words)
16.an amendment may be proposed by a two/thirds vote in each house of congress (2 Words)
17.A formal agreement between two or more sovereign states.
18.power of the courts to determine whether what government does is in accord with what the Constitution provides (2 Words)
19.numbered sections of a document
1.what court case created the concept of judisial review (3 Words)
2.Each branch is subject to a number of constitutional checks by the other branches (3 Words)
3.Senate will approve only those presidential appointees that are acceptable to the senator or senators of the president's party (2 Words)
4.heads of 15 executive department
5.the first ten amendments (3 Words)
8.to declare illegal, null and void, of no force and effect
11.To reject any act of congress
15.The executive power shall be vested in a president of the united states of america (2 Words)

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