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Criminal Law

M. Bedard

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4.the person accused of a crime in a criminal case
6.the Good __________ Rule allows for greater margin of error on the part of a police officer
7.person who gives testimony in a court of law
10.__________ Cause, sufficient evidence to support an arrest or search
13.term given to a less serious criminal offense
14.any information that a court allows a lawyer to introduce in a legal proceeding
16.the lawyer who presents the case for the government in a criminal case
18.a jury that determines if there is sufficient evidence to bring charges against a defendant
19.an explanation of your behavior at a given time that is credible
23._________ Contendere, a plea of no contest to a criminal charge
25.a panel of 6-12 members who are entrusted to make the final decision in a criminal or civil case
26.the authority of a court
28.a plea ______________ means to agree to plead guilty to a lesser charge
30.the maximum sentence given for a gross misdemeanor violation
32.evidence obtained by way of an illegal ____________ search would not be usable in a court of law
1.money paid for the services rendered yb a lawyer
2.legal document indicating ownership in real estate
3.a formal written accusation of a crime from a grand jury
5.__________ process of law
6.term given to a serious crime
8.the courtroom drama involved in a legal case
9.the name given to the study of law
11.system of law in which two sides contest each other in a court under the rules of law
12.a trial jury
15.a person who has not reached legal age
17.an oral statement given by a witness in a court of law
20.___________ of Rights
21.the party who initiates a civil action in a court of law
22.to seek remedy in a court of law
24.any behavior that is considered illegal against society
27.person trained in the practice of the law
29.rules and regulations established by society to regulate conduct
31.a falsehood

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