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  8       9      
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3.You can Back Out of any payment, as long as the payment is made the same day. True or False
8.You should ask for what on every account?
10.We can not waive activation fees. True or False
11.What system do you access to block short codes?
13.What code do you use for follow up for Change Of Ownership?
14.If a customer has a Debt Age of 60 or more, What department do transfer to?
15.Surveys given to customer to evaluate there experience?
16.Always follow the _______ on an account.
17.What dose RC stand for ? (2 Words)
18._______ the customer needs to understand the account standing and has a right to know what the next steps could lead to.
20.Starting December 1st all __________ Adjustments should be posted in Repeat Instant Access Chat.
1.What memo code do you use for all calls?
2.When setting up a Payment Arrangement you always let the customer know about what? (2 Words)
4.When you go over customers acct it is called what ?
5.When transferring a call to care what method do you use?
6.Customers account number is called what?
7.You must be a good ________ and must know if we have a Happy customer or Unhappy customer on the phone.
9.Convey our understanding of the issue and how it makes them feel is called what ?
12.If an account is suspended before billing cycle end and Resume after cycle end, what will customer have on next bill?
19.What secured system do you log into before the start your shift?

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