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Good Luck Charlie

Adele Palmer

Do you know EVERYTHING about Good Luck Charlie

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1.PJ's best friend, also in love with Teddy
6.Mrs Dabney's twin
9.The bug busting dad
10.The mum
11.The oldest but stupidest
12.The mean lady who lives next to the Duncans
13.The baby's name
16.The kid who bullies Gabe
17.Dates PJ later in the series, dated Spencer until found out he was cheating on her with Teddy
19.PJ's boss at work
20.Crazy kid, Gabe's friend
21.Teddy's boyfriend in the second season
2.Who goes out with PJ after he delivers chicken to her house
3.Who makes the video diaries?
4.Teddy's best friend
5.Mrs Dabney's cat
7.Ivy's mum
8.Teddy's boyfriend in the first season
14.Ivy's boyfriend
15.The one who weezes (she appears in Charlie Did It!)
18.The naughty boy

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